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If you are ever pulled over because of a suspected DUI, don’t panic because our DWI defense law firm is available 24/7/365 . We know how important it is that you make the right decision when you are stopped. This is why we encourage you to contact us the first chance you get before making a plea. Maxwell Glass, Esq. and his legal team is sure to be able to help you make the best decision for your case. If you need a DUI Lawyer, Southampton, NY motorists would be doing themselves a favor by turning to The Glass Group for representation. They will be able to receive the best representation for experienced attorneys.

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Upon contacting us at The Glass Group, the first thing we’ll do is start to develop a defense strategy. Maxwell Glass, Esq. has courtroom experience and this is where you get to see him come alive. If you are stopped by an officer and they didn’t have a reason for doing so, we this is one of the many things we’ll use as part of your defense. You may have been pulled over for appearing to be driving under the influence. However, this may not be the case at all. We’ll pull out all the stops to make sure you receive the best representation. If you’ve been profiled, this is something that will be brought out in court. Motorists have to deal with this type of discrimination every day but you don’t have to. Just give our law group a call and we’ll take it from there.

Dependable Advice About Your Plea

Although you have to live with whatever decision you make, we’re certainly going to help you make a decision that will limit the impact. Maxwell Glass, Esq. and his attorneys have one goal and that is to win your case. This is why we advise you on how to plea prior to appearing in court. Who want’s to go into a courtroom not sure of how they should plea? We’ll layout your options and explain what they mean. Just remember, if you’re ever pulled over for a DWI, you don’t have to plead guilty. There are other options that are available to you, which you may not be fully aware of. Don’t worry. It is our job as your attorney, to make sure you know all of the options that are available to you. We take our job very seriously and this is why we win cases.

Southampton, NY DUI Offenses

If you are asked to appear in court on a DWI charge, you be able to walk in with confidence, knowing that you have the best representation on your side, Maxwell Glass, Esq. Since you will have been advised of the options available to you, it is likely that you will be more at ease when you enter the courtroom.

Motorists will incur different penalties when they are facing a DWI or DUI case in Southampton. Along with the different penalties imposed, there are also different charges. These charges are determined by the offense committed. Motorists will be charged with a felony, traffic infraction, or a misdemeanor. Based on where the motorist is incarcerated, this will determine whether they are charged a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor carries a year in county jail. However, a felony conviction carries up to a year or more in state prison.

First-time DWI offender penalties in New York:

  • Serve up to a year of jail time in a county jail

  • Probation of up to 3 years

  • Charged with a misdemeanor if blood alcohol .08% or higher

  • License suspension of up to 6 months

  • $500-$1,000 fine

First-time DWAI (Drinking While Ability Impaired) offender penalties in New York:

  • License suspension of 90 days or longer

  • Maximum 15 days in county jail

  • $500 fine

Even though a DWAI is considered a non-criminal infraction, it carries penalties when the blood level concentration is between 0.05% and 0.07%

First-time Misdemeanor AggravatedDWI offender penalties in New York:

  • Drivers license revoked for a year

  • A year of jail time

  • A $2500 fine

  • Up to 3 years of probation

These penalties apply to any motorist with a blood level concentration that is twice the legal limit (0.18% or higher).

Felony DWI penalties in New York:

  • License revoked for a year

  • A fine up to $5000

  • Maximum 4 years in State prison

  • Maximum 5 years probation

A Felony DWIis the highest level of a New York DWI crime that is committed. If a motorist has previous aggravated DWI conviction with the past 10 years, they can also be charged with a felony DWI. They may also incur this charge if there is a child 15 years or younger in the vehicle at the time they are stopped.

The Glass Group DUI/DWI Defenses

Our Southampton attorneys at The Glass Group are very skillful in developing your defense. It is due to the amount of experience and research that is performed on your behalf that our lawyers are capable of offering you the best defense possible. We often offer a defense that our clients never even imagined was possible. This is why it is a good idea to leave your case in the hands of those who have the necessary expertise to help you win, such as Maxwell Glass, Esq. While the prosecutor will try to sway the case in their favor, we know how to steer the decision. Whatever claim they make, we’ll counter it. We’re here to win your case!

The Glass Group defense strategy often includes the following:

Illegally Stopped

If you were pulled over and asked to stop, we’ll need to establish if the officer had probable cause for doing so. If they can’t prove that they did then this will certainly be in your favor. It could result in the case being dismissed.

Blood/Breath Tests

Once you arrive to the police station, you are generally asked to perform a blood test or a breath test. This is often done in order to establish your alcohol level. These readings aren’t always accurate. We’ll use this to question the functionality of the equipment.

Taking a Chemical Test

You might be nervous about being stopped for such a violation and simply comply with a chemical test. However, if you do not then you should know how it impacts you. It is normal for a motorist who is brought into the police station on a DUI charge to be asked to take some type of chemical test. It could be in the form of a urine test or breath test. They are trying to establish what your blood alcohol concentration is.

If you do not take the test, the Department of Motor Vehicles will schedule a ‘Refusal Hearing’ within 15 days of the arraignment. The judge will then determine if you should have taken the test or not.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing is for certain, Maxwell Glass, Esq. will be with you through the entire ordeal, from start to finish. We won’t allow this one mistake to impact the rest of your life and neither should you.

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