What You Should When You Are Pulled Over for a DUI/DWI in New York

If you have never been stopped by the police before you may not know what to do. The one thing that we would advise any motorists to do is pull over immediately. The last thing you want to do is make the situation any worse than it may already be. Never try to outrun a police officer or you could face serious legal penalties. The way that you handle yourself when you are stopped by a police officer can be very important to your case.

At The Glass Group, we believe that every motorist should know exactly what is expected of them when they are being pulled over for a DUI/DWI offense. Below, we have highlighted some things that you should do if you are ever stopped for a DUI in New York. It’s important that you adhere to these suggestions, understand your rights, and contact The Glass Group, your Long Island DWI Lawyer. Our attorney will generally be in a better position to help you with a favorable outcome for the DUI case against you.

Pull over immediately – You wouldn’t think that we would have to tell anyone this but unfortunately, there are some people who don’t comply. They may attempt to outsmart the officer. In this case, it never fairs well for the motorist. This is why it is always best to simply pull over when the opportunity presents itself. Don’t take your time about pulling over. If the police officer is leading you to a specific area to pull over, try to comply.

Know how to act when being approached by the officer Surprisingly, some people just panic and do not know what to do when approached by an officer. The first thing to do is to slightly lower your driver’s side window so that the officer can speak to you. While the officer is making their way to your vehicle, you can go ahead and get your registration and take out your driver’s license. This is an indication of just how alert you may be. Make sure you keep your hands on the steering wheel so that the officer can clearly see them.

Be respectful and brief when asked a question When you are being stopped and pulled over, keep in mind that you are already a suspect. However, the police officer may not have cause to arrest you. The officer is evaluating everything you do and say when they pull you over. They are trying to establish whether or not they have cause to arrest you. This is why you always want to be respectful.

Keep in mind that whenever you are stopped and pulled over, you are required to answer basic questions, such as who you are and providing your license and registration. However, if the officer begins to ask you questions about where you have been or where you are going, you can refuse to answer them.

Comply with their requests If the police officer asks you to get out of your car, do so immediately. In most cases, it is for safety purposes that courts have upheld the right of the officer to ask a motorist to step out of their vehicle.

Administering of roadside sobriety tests In many cases, you may be asked to take some form of a roadside test. This is generally done in order for the arresting officer to establish a reason to arrest you. You can refuse the test if you are arrested. Your Suffolk County DWI Lawyer will be able to discuss your rights as it relates to these types of sobriety tests.

Don’t resist arrest Even if you feel as though your arrest was not warranted or you don’t feel that you are being treated fair, don’t resist arrest. If anything unfair occurs during your arrest, rest assured that your Nassau County DWI Lawyer will be able to properly handle this on your behalf.

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